Saturday, 26 June 2010

Our new tights

Here's a few shots of some of our new Tights For Sore Eyes- available at Say No To Plastic at Oran Mor on Sunday the 4th of July. We've got a really beautiful selection of colours for this collection, including some really amazing ice-cream shades- vanillia, baby pink- and my personal favourite- this mint pair:

You can RSVP via Say No To Plastic's facebook event page here.


  1. Dear Danni and Nikki

    I bought a pair of your lovely tights on Sunday at the Say no to Plastic sale. I got the pink ones with the biscuits and I absolutely love them, they are so original!
    As you can see I am following with Book Of Right On, a blog my friend Ele and I started to share our passions and fashions.
    I am going to do a post with the tights very soon and will of course put a link back to your blog. I was wondering if you would be interested in some more permanent publicity like a little banner with your tights.
    Our blog is growing steadily and we get quite a good number of comments and visitors everyday.
    If you were interested we could do some sort of cross advertising: your banner on our blog, ours on yours! And who knows, maybe one day you could even sponsor us ;)

    Let me know if you would be interested, we would be very happy to promote Scottish designers and such lovely tights!

    Margaux (and Ele) from BoRO Xx

  2. Hi there,

    A good friend just sent me a pair of your pink owl tights - all the way to Canada. They are fabulous!! Wow.

    Suzy x